Tapadoo is an amazing new game for all ages! Scribbles in an ordinary notebook are transform themselves into brain crushing puzzles! Get smart and show your intelligence and Tapadoo will become more than just fun... it will exercise to your brain too.

Figure out:
- How to launch a man to the moon from a cannon?
- What methods can be used to calm the mighty King Kong?
- How to really crack a safe?
- If sheep understand fashion?
- If it’s possible to cheer up a heartbroken horse?
- Just what’s in the elixir of youth?
- How Mexicans tame snakes?
- How to make a happy breakfast?
- Why dragons blow bubbles?

Key features:
- A game for all ages
- Funny and original logic puzzles
- Doodle Characters
- Non-standard and interesting solutions

Get ready for some unexpected puzzles, and even more surprising answers!


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